Wednesday, 30 April 2014

OUGD502 - PPP2: Studio Brief 1: A Design Strategy (Rippleffect Reference)

When I had finished my work placement with Rippleffect, the creative director asked me whether I needed anything to show to college to almost prove that I did the placement. I said that a reference would be great as I can add this to my CV and use it for future placements.

OUGD502 - PPP2: Studio Brief 1: A Design Strategy (Pet Packaging Inspiration/Research)

As I am going to be designing packaging for a company who design pet packaging, I thought it would be worthwhile for me to research into existing packaging for some inspiration. I found this first example online and really loved it as soon as I saw it. The branding it really bold and striking and the clean white background allows the text and images to stand out. I also like how they have composed all of the products to photograph them. 

This creative bag works really well and definitely stands out from standard carrier bag designs. I would like to try and create a playful carrier bag for the company I am going to be working for as this would be quite a fun addition to their existing branding and packaging design. 


Below is some more vibrant packaging which I quite like. The colours used on the lids are quite bright, perhaps a bit too bright but they give an added contemporary feel to it. 


I am not keen on the colour scheme of this packaging, however I quite like how info graphics have been used. I also like the layout of the booklet and think it works well for its purpose. 


Although I am not fond of the font choice of this packaging design, I like the concept and how playful it is. I really like the simplicity of the packaging design and the way the dogs are illustrated to show the thought bubble of food. This is a clever way of portraying a sample of what is on offer inside of the package. 


This packaging design has a bit more of a corporate feel to it. I quite like it but feel as though it would be more successful if it was a little bit more playful and illustrative.


I have blogged this example simply to illustrate the vast difference between the examples of pet packaging. I'm not too sure whether the colours work very well either.


I quite like this concept as it has a unique and interactive twist. This is something I could definitely take inspiration from when designing over the Summer. I would love to try and come up with a concept which has never been made before. 


I really don't like this packaging design as I think it looks really amateurish and not very appealing. I quite like the concept of 'puggy pacifiers' as it is a fun play on the idea that these treats will keep your dog content and quiet!

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

OUGD502 - PPP2: Studio Brief 1: A Design Strategy (Placement)

During my responsive module, I was given the opportunity to design appointment cards for a hairdressing salon. They wanted the cards to be reusable and using the same colour scheme as their newly refurbished salon. I was really pleased with the outcome and organised for 500 to be printed for them at a printers nearby to home.

Not long afterwards, the lady who owns the salon and I dealt with, put me in touch with a packaging designer. I was so pleased to have been given this opportunity as it wouldn't have arisen had I not done the design work for them previously. 

I was given the contact number for Paul, and I got in touch with him straight away. Initially, when we tried to organise a meeting, he was busy when I was available to travel home as he was in China, Belgium, Poland, and various other places with business. A couple of weeks later we managed to meet up with his business partner. I met up with them both and talked them through all of the work I have created over first and second year. 

Both of them were really pleased with all of the work I produced and I was fortunate enough to be offered a paid placement and then a job at the end of university when I graduate.

I am so pleased about this outcome as packaging design is something which I have come extremely passionate about since the start of the course. I also mentioned packaging conventions in London in September that I would like to go to and he said that they would be able to organise this trip for me. It was also mentioned that I would be able to design a stall for them in Harrogate at the end of Summer. I am hoping that this will happen along with many more opportunities and I am really excited to start!

OUGD502 - PPP2: Studio Brief 1: A Design Strategy (Pooch Pouch Revisited)

When I was given the opportunity to work with packaging design over the Summer, I had a meeting and was able to show all of the work I have created since starting at LCA. I took my Pooch Pouch with me which was my first ever packaging design brief which I completed in first year.

I would absolutely love it if I was able to patent this product during the time that I work over Summer. Or if I am not able to use this exact idea I could adapt it slightly to be more suitable for the select target audience. If I get an opportunity to go to a packaging convention, I could perhaps take this work with me and try and show it to the right people in the packaging industry.